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​Dynamic’s Glorious Night” 2017 Dealers’ Summit

Appointment with Luxury, Feast for brands

Dynamic with Great Prospect

On Oct.24th 2017, the highly-anticipated dealers’ summit activity with topic “Dynamic’s Glorious Night “was held in Kunshan City. Hundreds of dealers from all over the country and top leaders gathered together with the purpose of reviewing the history-making success and discuss the cooperative strategy in 2018. CEO LIU WUDONG and General Manager Liu XIANGLONG were also present in this big feast.

Industry Leader, Prominent Performance

2017 is doomed to be the marvelous year. Dynamic obtained proud achievement and get improvement with stably high speed, standing in the market with good performance by brand strategy, products innovation, smart marketing promotion, lean management and concerted effort。


In 2018, Dynamic group will realize upgrade once again in brand strategy and market promotion。 By then, products from Dynamic will enjoy the greater prestige in the world。

Award Ceremony, Glory Night

Dealers from all around country get together happily, attending the award ceremony of “Dynamic’s Glorious Night”. They witnessed the greatest honorable moment! 

Staffs from Dynamic group were well prepared with several programs, for example, songs, dance for entertainment in award ceremony. It was really wonderful time to enjoy the moment with beautiful melody and yummy Yangcheng crab!

At the same time, Grand prizes were ready to appreciate the payout and good performance for dealers throughout the country。 It was the climax for whole banquet。 Everyone was immersed in this happy atmosphere, toasting each other, singing carnival, riotous .

Moreover, excellent dealer representatives sang the glorious splendor together on stage!


Thanks for Your Accompany All the Way


The spring breeze is not as good as your accompany,


Years of quiet, Belief of loyalty


It is our uncomplaining attitude that


vivify Dynamic’s ascendant blueprint!


Thunder rumble in winter, Rain fall in summer, and time brushes in seasons。 


Moved by past events of piles, all in heart


Legends of the fall, Age as the gold


We painted thick colors in Dynamic scroll.


Long journey, we depend on each other.


Your trust is just as spring breeze and drizzle。


Your support is driving force!


Your requirement is our supreme encouragement! 


Fighting in the market, we are fully devoted pacesetters.


Blazing the way forward through bramble, we create our sales miracle.


Look to the future, let’s go through trials and hardships hand in hand


Remaining true to our original aspiration, people with grateful heart from Dynamic will not forget。


Wide View and Frugal Use, Profound Accumulation and Gradual Delivery


Sharpen a sword with ten years, Blooms the flowers at a certain time.


It is you that stand with us together


play Dynamic’s the most beautiful symphony!

With the end of the banquet, “Dynamic’s Glorious Night” 2017 Dealers’ Summit was successfully concluded. New journey begins. In 2018, Dynamic brand strategy will bring out optimization. Moving forward to deepen the brand strategy, through strategic layout and brand positioning, Dynamic will preempt high-end market and stand at the front of the world. Look to the future, Dynamic, with passion to be the leader of this industry, has great prospect to lead the dealers throughout the country for high-speed development.

In the future, Dynamic will be together with dealers all over the country to make concerted effort to seek development and create new splendor。

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